100WC #21 ” The Hike”

Me and my best friend, Lauren, were already hiking up our personal hiking trail. We were almost at our destination where my mom would be there waiting for us in her car. We have already been hiking for three days and Lauren has ate almost all the food and we also haven’t gotten to a water source in a while so we are running low on that too.

*3 hours later*

We both are tired dehydrated and starving. We don’t know if we are going the right way or not but we are praying that we are. While we were walking out of the forest, we saw our destination! My mom was there to pick us up and everything went back to what is was before.

100WC #19

I just got in the car to get to the school for the talent show and I came up with just the perfect idea. I went onto the stage and started to paint the crap out of a couple canvases I found backstage. I tried a couple different ways of applying the paint. I started with a little bucket and started splashing the canvas. I then tried a squirt bottle, and then finally, a paintbrush. I didn’t expect the paintings to actually turn out good but they did! My palms started to sweat as the winner was announced. “And the winner is…Abigail!” Oh my gosh! I actually won!

100wc #18 “The Key”

It was in the middle of the winter when I was sent off to my Grandma’s house. To be honest, I really haven’t even met her before. The moment I saw her wrinkly face, I knew that there was absolutely no way we were related, but whatever. I wandered into my room and was about to go to bed when I found this small door in the corner of the room. I wanted to open it but I needed a key. I went to bed for the night, but in the morning I took a walk in the yard and found a little pile of frosted leaves. Right by the leaves, I found a key! Obviously I went straight back to my room and tried the key on the door, and it worked! You won’t believe what I found on the other side…

100 Word Challenge #17

Once I figure out how to get a taxi when I’m only 11 years old and living by myself on the street, then I’ll be able to travel out of this city and run into the very yellow sunset. I am very short on money though so that kind of takes away all of the excitement that comes with this journey. There is another option that is available, running away to a giant waterfall. Maybe I could even find a big, heavy fish that will be impossible to carry. I should probably start saving up in money before I even start to fantasies about anything.

100 Word Challenge “Pressure”

After releasing many best-selling books last year, Robert had a big crisis. He knew he needed to come up with more ideas for more books. Although there was a lot of pressure on Robert because these books couldn’t be ordinary, they had to be just as good as the books he released last year. People were wanting more and more books from Robert but he just didn’t have a story to tell. Robert spent every day and every night sitting at his desk and trying to think of ideas but would always fail. “It’s not like last year”, he thought.

Vision board for 2022

This is my vision board for 2022. If you can’t read it, it says that I want to travel new places, finish the book series “Cherub”, watch the movie “Countdown”, continue to get all A’s in school, and get better at softball. I also included a quote that says, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”- Albert Einstein.

My Wish for 2021

If I only had 1 wish for 2021 I would have to say that Covid 19 disappears. Many people have been sent to the hospital because of this virus. I have had the virus and it isn’t very fun to have. Some people like me get lucky enough to not have it as bad as some other people have. I only got quarantined so I guess it wasn’t that bad. Many people I know have already had Covid 19. At my school it was just going around like crazy. After  I had it, it was like a whole train behind me got it too.  If  you  wish  to find  the website I got the image from click the image

Week #11 100wc

When it comes to transportation, my favorite has to be walking. When you’re walking anywhere you get more exercise and that’s always good for you. This form of transportation doesn’t give off any pollution and that’s good for the planet. Personally, I don’t think long distance traveling should be restricted. People sometimes have emergencies and they need to be a far distance away from where they are. Although, if people couldn’t travel, we all would be miserable. We wouldn’t be able to see far distance families, and we wouldn’t be able to get things done in life. What’s your favorite way to travel?

Our School

  Hi! I’m here to tell you about what a normal school day is like in McDowell Middle School. Every weekday my school starts at 7:55 and ends at 2:33. I usually ride with my neighbor to the school because I really don’t like riding the bus. 


  These are my classes in order, Math, Social Studies, ELA, Lunch/ AE(academic enrichment), Technology, Science, and last but not least, Guided Study. Here’s a picture of the times my classes take place.

  After school I normally just go home and do nothing but sometimes I have softball. Although many people in my school do volleyball, basketball, and football. I also did cross country, but that was only in the beginning of the year.


  There is also Advance Math and Advance ELA. I am in both of these classes. I definitely am very lucky because I have good, nice people in all of my classes. I will say that being in advanced classes is a little bit easier than what I thought it was going to be. There are some situations where classes are really hard but in the end, it all works out.


  Friday is my absolute favorite day of the week. If you don’t have any missing work, you can go outside or, if it’s too cold, you can stay inside and either work on homework, or sometimes we watch movies. All year I haven’t had any missing work, so I have been outside many times. When we are outside we play games like tag, football, and jackpot. 


  Hopefully you learned and enjoyed something out of this!