My avatar


This is my avatar. It represents what I look like in a couple of ways. The first way is by my hair. I almost always have my hair up in a ponytail so I made sure to include that in my avatar. Second is my eyes. My eyes are actually blue and green but this is the closest color I could find. I don’t think I have long eyelashes at all so I didn’t put long eyelashes on my avatar. Third is my glasses. I have had glasses since I was in third grade. If you can’t tell my glasses are purple. Although in the picture they are in perfect shape and in real life my glasses are on their last strings. My dog got my glasses a couple times and I’ve also slipped on ice and broke a part of the frame. The last way my avatar represents me is from the hoodie. I love wearing comfy clothes and I feel like putting a sweatshirt on my avatar kind of represents that. That wraps it up for explaining my avatar, hope you enjoyed!