100WC #21 ” The Hike”

Me and my best friend, Lauren, were already hiking up our personal hiking trail. We were almost at our destination where my mom would be there waiting for us in her car. We have already been hiking for three days and Lauren has ate almost all the food and we also haven’t gotten to a water source in a while so we are running low on that too.

*3 hours later*

We both are tired dehydrated and starving. We don’t know if we are going the right way or not but we are praying that we are. While we were walking out of the forest, we saw our destination! My mom was there to pick us up and everything went back to what is was before.

100WC #19

I just got in the car to get to the school for the talent show and I came up with just the perfect idea. I went onto the stage and started to paint the crap out of a couple canvases I found backstage. I tried a couple different ways of applying the paint. I started with a little bucket and started splashing the canvas. I then tried a squirt bottle, and then finally, a paintbrush. I didn’t expect the paintings to actually turn out good but they did! My palms started to sweat as the winner was announced. “And the winner is…Abigail!” Oh my gosh! I actually won!