100WC #19

I just got in the car to get to the school for the talent show and I came up with just the perfect idea. I went onto the stage and started to paint the crap out of a couple canvases I found backstage. I tried a couple different ways of applying the paint. I started with a little bucket and started splashing the canvas. I then tried a squirt bottle, and then finally, a paintbrush. I didn’t expect the paintings to actually turn out good but they did! My palms started to sweat as the winner was announced. “And the winner is…Abigail!” Oh my gosh! I actually won!

2 thoughts on “100WC #19

  1. Over the last couple of years I’ve taken up painting so I really liked your story. Unfortunately, I don’t think I would win a prize but I can see a great deal of improvement in my skills. I think it would be great to watch someone like the character in your story. Well done.

    • I’m sure your painting is amazing! I’m glad you are improving!

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