My Wish for 2021

If I only had 1 wish for 2021 I would have to say that Covid 19 disappears. Many people have been sent to the hospital because of this virus. I have had the virus and it isn’t very fun to have. Some people like me get lucky enough to not have it as bad as some other people have. I only got quarantined so I guess it wasn’t that bad. Many people I know have already had Covid 19. At my school it was just going around like crazy. After  I had it, it was like a whole train behind me got it too.  If  you  wish  to find  the website I got the image from click the image

2 thoughts on “My Wish for 2021

  1. YES! I am so tired of Covid 19! I try to remind myself of positive things that have resulted from this pandemic, like plexiglass barriers at a checkout. I think those are a good thing to prevent the spread of a lot of viruses. 🙂

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